Crazy test

crazy test

YOU ARE CRAZY FOR TAKING THIS TEST! 1/ Have you ever beat a little kid? NO WAY! I LOVE THE PEOPLE! Maybe once YES!. Are you crazy? Do your music taste, favorite color, and favorite movie indicates whether you are crazy? Take this quiz to find out! Have fun!. Take the Am I Crazy Test! If you're both crazy and quiz-crazy, then take this quiz. You'd be crazy not try test out this quiz, because it's crazy funny. crazy test Yes No When you are talking to someone, do they sometimes have difficulty following your train of thought? Yes No Do other people accuse you of being self-centered? Yes No Do your moods fluctuate a lot? No, I'll go somewhere wonderful when I die. Yes No Do you feel a yearning for acceptance among your peers? Yes No Do you have a big fear of rejection of any kind, not just romantic? Yes No Have others accused you of being arrogant? What type of crazy would you be if you went crazy? Develop your own quiz Mail this website to your friends Report illegal content. Yes No Do you ever steal things from stores or people's houses? This test is completely anonymous, so please be honest otherwise you will not get the proper results. Do you often see things in black and white terms? Quelle princesse Disney es-tu? Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. I'm very very insane!!!! Yes No Is your appearance or behavior considered "eccentric" by other people? Woher soll ich das denn wissen? Yes, I'm doing this for fun. Channels IQ Test Quizpyramide Forum. Yes No Do you take actions without thinking about the consequences? In other words, something either is or it isn'twith no gray area inbetween. I have very lengthy conversations with. Samantha Darko - Developed on: Ich steh auf Punk.

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